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Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging, the demands of work, school and home life often leave us with little to no time to consciously plan and prepare nutritious meals that are good for both our physical and mental health. This lack of planned eating can lead to unhealthy eating habits, resulting in problems such as weight gain and other health issues.

The main principle of weight loss is to increase physical activity and reduce calorie intake by changing eating habits (Brownell and Kramer, 1994; Wilson 1995). But it’s not just about losing weight — it’s about living a healthier lifestyle. It is almost impossible to know how many calories you are consuming without proper calorie tracking. This is where the MealPlanner Pro app comes in. MealPlanner Pro is designed to help you achieve this by allowing you to track your food, understand your nutritional intake and receive personalized meal recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence.

MealPlanner Pro

What is MealPlanner Pro?

MealPlanner Pro is an easy and convenient way to track your meals.

📈 Calorie and food tracker

It provides a diary where you can enter the food you’re eating, along with the ingredients, and you instantly get the total number of calories in your food using the power of intelligent algorithms.

MealPlanner Pro AI powered diary

💡Know your food

If you are in a restaurant and want to know exactly what the meal you have ordered contains, using the MealPlanner pro apps’ intelligent food scanner you can simply take a picture of the food and MealPlanner will tell you the total number of calories, macros and nutrients within the food to help you know your food.

MealPlanner Pro — Know your food

In scenarios where you are unable to take a picture of the food, the app allows you to describe the food and it will intelligently tell you what nutrients are present in the food.

💬 Intelligent Nutritional Assistant

In scenarios where you are wondering what is the best diet to follow that can allow you to lose weight or gain weight or become stronger and you do not have access to a nutritionist, enter the MealPlanner AI chat which allows you to consult on all your questions for free within the app in an intuitive interface as you are already used to and in the future we will bring voice consultations where you can talk verbally to the assistant and get instant help.

MealPlanner Pro — Nutrition Assistant

As well as all these amazing features, MealPlanner also comes with the social aspect to it, add your friends and you can share dishes with them and also update your meal history with them so they can see what you are cooking. This adds to the fun of being encouraged by our loved ones.

But that’s not all. We’re currently working on a feature that will allow you to export your ingredients into a shopping list that you can share with your family, making meal planning even easier and more convenient for your family and friends.

▶️ How to get started

The app is currently in public beta, so you can try it out and provide valuable feedback. This will help us to keep improving it until it is perfect for all your nutritional needs.

Get the app by clicking here or by clicking the image below

Meal Planner Pro — Google playstore


The idea for MealPlanner Pro came from a personal experience. During my time at university, I often found myself eating what was most convenient in terms of cost and time due to my busy schedule. The lack of a kitchen scale meant that I did not know exactly how many calories I was consuming, leading to unexpected weight gain.

MealPlanner Pro is not just an app; it’s a tool designed to change the way we think about, prepare and plan our meals. By making it easier for people to track and plan their meals, we hope to make a significant difference in people’s lives and contribute to a healthier world. We envision MealPlanner Pro becoming a global tool that benefits people everywhere, regardless of their location.

As we continue to evolve and improve MealPlanner Pro, we encourage you to join us on this journey of making healthful meal planning an integral part of our lives. Let’s build a healthier future together, one meal at a time. Try out MealPlanner Pro today, and let’s change the world’s approach to nutrition, one plate at a time.

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